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Embracing the Path of the Priestess: A Guide to Modern Day Divine Feminine Leadership

Chintal Kakaya

In a world where the patriarchy has often sought to suppress the voices and power of women, the Priestess emerges as a beacon of strength and resilience.

She represents a lineage of women who have played diverse roles, from the nurturing wives and devoted mothers to the diligent servants, cleaners, and even those unfairly stigmatised as "whores" and "mistresses." These women, often overlooked by history, are an essential part of our shared story today.

The Priestess, stepping into her power, becomes a powerful advocate for all these women and their experiences. She stands as a testament to their enduring spirit and unwavering resilience.

But the Priestess doesn't come bearing anger or resentment; she arrives with love and compassion, for she is a reflection of every woman who aspires to rise above societal limitations and claim her role as a creator, a Creatrix. She is embodied in her sacred womanhood.

In this blog post, we will explore the essence of a Priestess, her sacred role, and the impact she has on individuals and communities.

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What Is a Priestess?

A Priestess is a guardian of the power of femininity. She embodies qualities such as intuition, sensitivity, and a deep connection to nature. Her primary purpose is to serve, but her service goes far beyond the mundane. She officiates in sacred rites and rituals, guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys, just think of her as a guide for your soul.

The history of Priestesses dates back to ancient times when the Goddess religion flourished. They held important roles as healers, teachers, and wisdom keepers. However, the rise of patriarchy suppressed their power, pushing them into the shadows.

But today, Priestesses are reawakening to their ancient calling, reclaiming their roles, and embracing the divine feminine once more.

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What Does a Priestess Do?

1. Service to Others: At the heart of a Priestess's role lies service. She is a guiding light, helping others feel more connected with something bigger than themselves. Through her presence, she embodies love and kindness.

2. Encourages Balance: In a world skewed towards the masculine, Priestesses work to restore balance. They encourage self-love, nurturing, and a deep connection to intuition, guiding individuals to embrace the sacred feminine.

3. Connecting to BEING: Priestesses teach us that it's okay to slow down and simply be ourselves." Through practices like deep listening, meditation, and self-care, they inspire others to slow down, connect with inner wisdom, and appreciate the natural world.

4.Sacred connection with divine: Priestesses serve as channels for divine messages received through intuition. They create sacred spaces and rituals to connect deeply , allowing people to tangibly connect with the divine and experience transformation.

5.Emotional Healing: Many Priestesses are healers, supporting those who have experienced trauma. They assist individuals in navigating pain, releasing trauma, and unlocking their inner strength and happiness.

6. Engaging in Ritual: Rituals infuse life with intention and meaning. Priestesses craft and lead rituals that turn mundane actions into sacred acts. These rituals mark transitions, honour lunar cycles, and facilitate deep healing.

7. Witnessing and Creating Beauty: Priestesses create beauty in various forms and inspire others to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

8. Compassion in Action: Priestesses want to make the world a better place for everyone. They address injustices, use their unique gifts to create positive change, and seek to restore balance in the world. They experience inner joy and external effectiveness.

Chintal Kakaya

My journey to become a fully initiated priestess has been one of experiencing, accepting and healing the dark shadows and light fusing them as one and feeling wholeness.

It is a deep journey BUT I have liberated myself and my lineage from the generational, patriarchy and cultural traumas remembering who I truly am at the core.

Reconnecting and reclaiming my innate gift of healing, connection to divine source and channelling on a deeper level, the medicine woman, the wild sage woman, embodying my menstrual cycles, inner power, self pleasure, self acceptance, confidence and strength.

All of this allows me to become authentic, free and a magnet for abundance and prosperity.

Some key elements:

  • Healing sisterhood wounds – comparison, envy, lack of belonging or feeling inferior allowing me to work with my sisters and cheering them on their journey, providing unconditional love and support.

  • Implementing healthy boundaries- these boundaries are for myself knowing what I accept and what I don’t; easily and effortlessly saying NO to anything that feels misaligned.

  • Knowing myself at the core- I feel liberated from having to justify who I am and what I do as I am in full alignment with the highest version of myself. Knowing that I am both light and dark and can be who I want, when I want with sheer confidence and not requiring external validation. This also means addressing my own wounds and healing them rather than projecting them outwards.

  • Shift In perception- Knowing when others are projecting harm or reactive behaviour towards me and how to navigate through this without it shaking my internal world, having courage to address situations but from a place of response and wholeness rather than reactive, knowing my boundaries and implementing them in a respectful manner.

  • Connecting deep with my body and cycle- Our bodies whisper and to understand the signals and signs of our bodies helps us to recognise what they are trying to communicate. Knowing when to rest and when to take action.

  • Virtues- Strengthening the virtues of compassion, kindness, love, service and many more

  • Be in Receiving mode and co-creating my reality- I was so used to giving all the time, I have learned how to be in receiving without shame, guilt or judgment. I know how to co-create my reality and become magnetic to receiving all that I desire and more. Remembering that I have the choice to change, it is consistent reflect and review.

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In a world that often feels disconnected and fast-paced, the Priestess is like a shining star. She represents the power of the divine feminine, spreads love and kindness, and helps us find balance and healing.

The path of the Priestess isn't just a thing of the past; it's very much alive today. As individuals and communities awaken to their true nature, the Priestess stands ready to guide them toward a deeper connection with the divine, a restoration of balance, and a profound transformation of the self.

As a priestess, Intuitive energy healer, spiritual life coach and therapist it is my mission to help women to reclaim their sacred feminine, inner power, freedom and joy by healing their traumas, beliefs and energy blocks. Through this healing they heal their ancestors and lineage which results in raising their vibrational frequency.

Remember who you are

With love,

Chintal xx

Are you ready to step into your sacred feminine? Book in your FREE Soul Healing Consultation Call Here:

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