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My name is Chintal and I help women to manage their stress, cultivate calm, improve wellbeing and heal  to lead a healthier, happier and balanced life. I do this through Holistic healing, coaching and mentoring. I am on a mission to transform the lives of many women who feel stuck in a "Rat Race" cycle and who are ready to breakthrough and flourish. From feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious to feeling energised, calm, resilient and  in control. 

Life is about Living not just Existing

How do I work?

All of my sessions are conducted face to face via zoom therefore I can work with any women where ever they are in the world. My only ask is that you are committed to investing your time, energy and money in your transformation and well being.

Prior to working with any client I always offer a free 15 min wellness call to identify your requirements, how I can help and if we are a good fit to work together.

My Beliefs and Values

I strongly believe that every individual is perceived as a whole - mind, body and spirit. Any
emotional, physical or psychological imbalances we experience should be managed in the same way-
as a whole and hence the importance of Holistic approach.

I believe I can guide you and facilitate your own self development, wellness and healing journey .


My Values are to

Empower- empower women to step into their true authentic selves, embrace and create their reality and take control of their wellbeing in a holistic manner

Inspire- inspire women through my personal challenges, experiences and knowledge to become a better version of themselves.

Heal- for women to tap into deeper levels of our subconscious of what is holding them back, feelings , emotions, wounds and beliefs and heal to create space for what they truly desire.

Transform- to transform their mindset and longstanding belief patterns which no longer serve them and develop a healthy mindset to live a truly authentic and happy life

Treat with fairness and respect- I truly value each and every relationship I build and therefore treat all with fairness and without judgement.

Healing others is my natural calling, my inner self lights up bright whenever I am called to serve and
help others. Unknowingly I have been healing and serving through my profession for years, however,
it wasn't until I connected deeply with my higher self and deepened my spiritual practices did I
become conscious of this and that my purpose is much bigger than I had imagined.

My Commitment to you is to:

  • Build good relationship with clients as important when working together

  • Work with you and focus on you

  • Solution focused

  • Problem solving

  • Holistically

  • Help you to help yourself

  • Integrated Mentoring, coaching and Healing using professional and personal skills

  • Hold your hand and equally ensure you are taking inspired action

  • Support you during our time together

What I request from my Clients:


  • Commitment to your transformation

  • Commitment to be proactive as unless you do the work you won't see the results

  • Mutual respect

  • Consistency and perseverance

  • Be open minded on the journey

My Story

Image by Shot by Cerqueira
"My Motto is "Life is about living not just existing, heal today for a better tomorrow". I am loving my life and accept everything , the challenges help me grow and the achievements make my heart sing for that I know I am on the right path of my Soul's journey."

Just like many other women, I play many roles and juggle a lot on life. I am a mum of 2 wonderful kids and wife to my super supportive husband.

Whilst managing home life, I am a practicing Senior Occupational Therapist within the NHS for over 15 years and had been running my online Artisan Baking business for past 4 years. I was so used to living a "rat race" and "hustle" lifestyle, this to me was the norm, there was no time for me, I was too busy giving to others, helping others which I love, running my business which was my creative outlet but it all got too much. Because, I forgot to serve myself and look after my wellbeing.

My physical, emotional and mental health suffered, I had to have 3 major operations to save vision in my right eye, suffering from significant musculoskeletal problems, tennis elbow, sciatica, leaky gut and digestive problems, stress, anxiety, migraines and the list went on. I was taking a concoction of pills which also led to other problems.

I hit burn out and depression really badly. Weight gain, blemished skin, heavy periods, Fear, worries, lack of self worth, lack of confidence, feelings of rejection, the need to control everything.....everything came crashing down on me.


The question that came to my mind was "Who Am I and what is my worth?" That's when I had my major awakening- if I don't take control of my whole self, I am no longer going to be able to fulfil my dreams, be able to serve others or live in happiness. It was the choice I had to make either spiral into more darkness and challenges or learn from this and build the future I wanted. I had constantly served others but not myself.

In 2018/2019 I embarked on my journey of self awareness, healing, well being and transformation. A long journey but most definitely worth every bit of it. Healing isn't linear, mindset is the key and my "why" was strong so no matter what I had to face my why kept me going. Reiki healing, meditation and mindfulness were my saviours and have become part of my daily life now. I truly understood that what I was practicing on my patients using the 5 pillars of wellness, I wasn't using that on myself.


In 2019/2020 my passion to serve others in ways which serves me got even stronger, I was coming across so many women in similar situations , I informally supported them and guided them whether at work or as friends. I knew my purpose was much more than what I thought it was. I studied further and certified as a Reiki practitioner, meditation and mindfulness teacher and life coach to really help other women take control of their life, desires , transform their mindset , adopt a holistic lifestyle and become the best version of themselves.

I wanted to integrate all that I have learnt within my time as an Occupational Therapist to help others, especially women.
Holistic wellness and lifestyle is something I am really passionate about, being an Occupational Therapist, we are a holistic profession and view everyone as a whole but realised I had not adopted that practice in my own personal life.


Since I started prioritising and taking control of my own Physical , spiritual, emotional, social and mental health I have transformed in various ways. I've built resilience and ability to navigate through tough times with ease and less stress, my relationships have improved, I am a much better mum and living more mindfully. My biggest achievement is weaning myself off from most of the medications/medical interventions I was on under guidance of Doctors and used alternative therapies to get my health back on track. I say most because.... did you know I suffer from chronic anaemia? Every 12-18 months I undergo iron infusions I do as my body is unable to store iron but I am dealing with this in a more positive way. Which is another reason WHY I am so passionate about holistic health.


Do you resonate with any of this and are ready to take that positive step into your journey of feeling happier, more present , full of confidence and calm?

Book your free 20 min No obligation wellness call to see how I can guide you

My Qualifications:
  • BSC Honours Degree in Occupational therapy (19+ Years)

  • Certified Life coach via The Clique Academy

  • Diploma in Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Level 2 trained Reiki Practitioner

  • Angelic Reiki Practitioner

  • Yogic Breathwork Facilitator

  • Level 2 Mental Health First Aider

Lots of Love, Light and Healing

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