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Upcoming  Events

Here is a list of my upcoming events. To find out more and book please click on the links



Dates:  All Upcoming Dates including 2023


Sacred Women’s Healing Circle

with energy and sound healing ( In person in Hillingdon)

Our In person women's healing circles are where we get together in person for an evening where we share experiences, hold space for each other, implement practices and experience transformative energy healing and deep relaxation bring your whole mind, body and soul into alignment. Imagine feeling held and nurtured and that's exactly what the vision behind these circles are.

Every session will be themed and the following structure ( just for guidance) is what will follow. However, being intuitive, I am always channelling with my higher self and my team and therefore am guided.


What you will experience:


  • Discussion of theme ( in 2023 we are focusing on our chakras, our blueprints for life), sharing wisdom and knowledge

  • Combination of practices such as grounding, breathwork, meditation

  • Deep relaxation and energy healing - includes sound healing

Sharing your experience whilst sipping on special homemade caffeine free Oat Chai

Link for further information and to book- Women's Monthly Healing Circle


Energy Exchange- £35.00 each session


 2023 - all dates in link


Women's Cacao Healing Ceremony ( Hillingdon)


A sacred heart opening cacao ceremony using ceremonial cacao to connect you with your soul and inner self


Learn how to open your heart and  connect with the deeper love and joy that is within you, the power, gifts, talents that are within you and your true self. Embrace the divine energy that is within you so that you can create beautiful space for what you desire-  whether this is good health, better relationships, happiness or abundance.


Super excited to host these wonderful ceremonies where we will connect with the beautiful spirit of mama cacao to open our hearts and embrace the spirit and energy of cacao to let go of what no longer serves or resonates.

No one ceremony is ever the same, you will experience deeper shifts from within whilst you are held in a safe and sacred circle. You will leave feeling lighter, have clarity, awareness of what areas require your attention, feel calmer and liberated. 

You will immerse your self in a wonderful experience of sounds, chants, sound healing, energy healing, scents and so much more. 


For more details and to book-   Women's Cacao Healing Circle

Energy Exchange- £44.00



Awaken and Rise- Transformative VIP Day ( Rickmansworth)

On Saturday 8th July 2023 I am super excited to be hosting our first VIP Day event/retreat on healing grounds in Rickmansworth.


“ Rising from the darkness”


A VIP Women's only event – think event and retreat in one 😊


Event that is going to leave you empowered, inspired and energetically shifted.


One day transformational and immersive event where we will demystify the journey of healing, success and abundance. Immerse your whole self into releasing, activating and raising your vibrational frequency to that of divine.




Are you ready to know the truth behind what is really going to get you all of this?


For further details and to book please click below:

Awaken and Rise- Transformative VIP Day

Investment- Early Bird- £125.00 until 20th May 2023, thereafter £150.00



Date: TBC


Masterclass- Awaken The Healer In You.

Did you know YOU have the INNATE ability to HEAL yourself from within?


Super excited to host this masterclass for you.

A 2 hour masterclass on understanding in depth about your chakras and how they impact your life.

  • You will learn 3 techniques to help you to self heal and balance your chakras to optimise your Health and Wellbeing.

  • Gain knowledge on what a balanced and imbalanced chakra feels like and how it impacts your life.

  • Learn how to cleanse and protect your energy and disconnect from mass conscious energy so you don't feel much more.

  • This workshop will be full of knowledge, tips and wisdom shared especially as I tap into my Intuition. You will get a greater understanding of what chakra is out of balance and how to bring it back into balance.

Link for more details and to book-TBC

Would you like to know how I can support and guide you? 

Book in your Free Consultation Call

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Image by Sarah Brown
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