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121 Soul Healing and Soul Evolve Mentorship Programme

"Healing inner blocks at a spiritual and subconscious level enables us to progress in extraordinary ways by tapping into inner resources we don't realise we have"


There may be moments when you experience feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, numb, lost, and uncertain. Despite your best efforts, a pervasive shadow casts a sense of hopelessness. This recurring cycle propels you into negative thoughts, and although you aspire to make a positive change, uncertainty hinders your progress. The longer this persists, the more drained you become, deviating from the person you truly aspire to be.


  • Imagine experiencing greater happiness if everything aligned with your values and purpose.

  • Imagine having the support, encouragement, and a safe space to delve into your inner self, working towards your genuine desires and goals.

  • Envision the emotions of confidence, liberation, happiness and health flourishing as you successfully navigate the various roles in your life, prioritizing your well-being. Picture yourself as a calm, resilient woman, the CEO of your own life.

  • What if you could embrace your authentic self, adopting a positive mindset, breaking free from past limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you?

  • Imagine awakening to your inner healing, armed with techniques and simple strategies to integrate holistic wellness into your lifestyle.


This transformative journey is precisely what I facilitate with my clients, and you could be a part of it too.

I am committed to awakening, empowering, and guiding you through a comprehensive HEALing process on all levels. My mission is to assist you in reclaiming your inner power, cultivating peace, and embracing your sacred feminine essence. The ultimate goal is to enable you to co-create and live a healthy, joyful, and purpose-aligned life with the freedom you crave.


Through my one-on-one Soul Healing session and Soul Evolve mentorship program, I employ a holistic and transformative approach. In this journey, I guide you to delve into self-discovery, master your emotions, transform your mindset and energy, and cultivate resilience—all while reconnecting with your inner power. Drawing upon my personal and professional knowledge, including certifications in modalities such as Theta Healing, Reiki, mindfulness/meditation, breath work, and movement, my program is designed to cater to your unique needs.


Central to my approach is "THE SHEM METHOD," a holistic framework that serves as a compass in your transformation and healing journey. Together, we embark on a path that nurtures your well-being and empowers you to thrive.


Embark on a journey of transformation with my healing and mentorship sessions, where I guide you to perceive and embrace life from a fresh and empowering perspective. Together, we'll unlock the door to your inner self, self love and delve into spirituality, and explore the profound impact of Universal Laws. Discover the art of handling stress in a balanced and healthier manner, creating a safe haven for yourself and fostering the regulation of your nervous system, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being.

In these sessions, you'll forge a stronger connection with your authentic self, tap into your intuition, establish healthy boundaries, and gain the insight to step into your sacred feminine energy.

Are you ready to take positive action today?

Are you prepared to embark on a healing journey for a brighter tomorrow?

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your life and break through the barriers holding you back?


The power to reshape

your reality is in your hands—let's unlock it together.

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Meditating on the Beach

How does it work?

My Coaching and mentoring sessions are very powerful and transformational and include a fully holistic and integrated approach where I combine Energy Healing, Spiritual guidance, Coaching and Mentoring into one. This method reprogrammes your blue print to create a NEW YOU where you will see improvements in your environment, social connection, values, beliefs, physical, mental and emotional health. 

All sessions are conducted face to face via Zoom. Life coaching is NOT counselling. I hold space for you and listen to you, provide you with non judgmental support and guidance during our time together and work towards your goals.


During our time together we look at "YOU" and take a journey inwards in a safe space using my " 6 Core Pillars":

  • Self Discovery- get clarity on your goals, purpose, values. Identify limiting beliefs, your stressors, behaviours, emotions. acknowledgement, understand and accept. Know yourself at a deeper level.

  • Transformation- changing beliefs and behaviours, swapping them for fulfilling, positive, empowering beliefs/behaviours. Step into your authentic self and power, your true inner self. Break away from the old. Heal from limiting beliefs

  • Energy Work & Healing- become more aware of your energy, understand ,connect and heal from within to change your energy flow, raising your vibration and positive energy. Heal from negative energy blocks that are holding you back. Balancing your masculine and feminine energy.

  • Mindset and Meditation- transform your thinking pattern, thoughts, values, learning to live intentionally and mindfully. Implement daily practice and build resilience

  • Spirituality- connecting with your higher self, how to make heart led decisions instead of external pressures, applying Law of Attraction Principles, learning the art of surrender, forgiveness and inner child work

  • Self Care/Stress management-Create your own personal rituals and tool kit on managing your stress/overwhelm/anxiety to support holistic health and wellbeing. Tools and practices to support you. Focus on prioritising self

By working with me you will shift from:

Fear - Faith
Stuck - Clarity
Stressed - De stressed
Reactive - Responsive
Chaos - Calm
Exhausted - Energised
Lack - Abundance

Negative mindset - positive mindset
Over whelm - Organised

Are you ready to connect with YOUR INNER POWER ?

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Holistic and transformational life coaching is an individualised process that supports you to grow through your challenges and progress into living your best life, however please note that although I am a qualified Occupational therapist and life coach, I am not a Psychologist, Doctor or Counsellor. If you are in need of specialist treatment, for example management of significant mental health condition or feeling Suicidal  my services does not provide that type of support and I recommend that you to seek out a psychologist or clinical support specialist first.


As each individual is unique, there is no one size package that fits all, however, be mindful that transformation takes time, investment and commitment. Changes don't tend to happen overnight and therefore I offer a couple of packages in order to create the best possible foundation for you to reach your goals.


If you are ready to step into your journey of healing and self discovery and step into your Authentic self to lead a happy, purposeful and healthy life, book your FREE 20 min No obligation call to find out more

Noarlunga South Australia
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