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Embrace, Heal and Serve Masterclass

Tuesday 4th June 2024 at 7pm UK time

A feminine approach to authentic service

It's all too common for fears to stand in the way of embracing your true self and sharing your unique gifts and talents, even though deep down, you know you're meant to make a difference. 

Perhaps you're feeling stuck or out of sync energetically, uncertain of what's holding you back or which path to take next. Despite seeking guidance from external sources, you may still feel a sense of emptiness or uncertainty.

Often, it's fear of judgment, fear of change, or the need for external validation that keeps you from living authentically. Sometimes, you might not even be fully aware of what's holding you back.

But remember, fear resides on the lower end of the frequency spectrum on the map of consciousness. It's time to shift from fear to love knowing you can step forward from a place of inspiration, creativity and love.

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Presented by Chintal Kakaya,
Holistic Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

Join me....

In this 90-minute journey tailored for soul-driven spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals ready to transcend fear and barriers hindering your path to authenticity and impactful service. Discover your blocks, undergo a profound energetic clearing and receive empowering activations. Embrace your highest potential with unwavering authenticity, integrity, and commitment to service.

In this session you'll gain awareness of:

What is included:

90 min live masterclass
Guided meditation, Energy clearing and Activation
Replay with unlimited access

As always, I trust in my intuitive guidance, and I'll share whatever channels through me as I work in the presence of my unseen team—my spiritual guides, masters, and divine codes. Please allow for some extra time in case the session extends beyond its scheduled duration.

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