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The Healing Haveli
online membership

The Healing Haveli is an online Sacred Space for ambitious women who experience  stress, anxiety and overwhelm to Awaken, Heal, Nourish and Rise with other soul-led women.

Empowering you to connect with your inner power and true self to reclaim inner calm and lead a healthy, happy and purpose-aligned life leading to freedom and abundance.

In this membership you are guided on a journey of healing in a pace that resonates with you. Stepping into the core of who you are, your values, beliefs and come into alignment with these. You are provided with tools and transformational energy healing which I have successfully used and implemented as part of my own practices.

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


Through Healing you activate and connect with the light and power that is within you and helping you build a deeper connection with yourself.


Healing is a process and a journey, it is not linear.


When YOU HEAL, you are Healing the generation of women in the past, your future and your children.


The power that lies in you is incredible.

Healing should be done on a Multidimensional level which means on your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, energetic levels.

With support from myself you will create sustainable and lasting changes in your life which is the foundation to reclaiming your inner calm and leading a healthy, happy and purpose aligned life

In this fast-paced life YOU can often feel  isolated, low in mood and lonely when going through challenging times or even through an awakening. The demands placed upon you are more than what can even be possible and the constant YES to everyone else and NO to yourself causes a lot of ill- health, anxiety, overwhelm and low self esteem. You can easily feel lost and start doubting yourself.

Now more than ever this kind of space is required where there is no judgement, YOU can BE Yourself and feel free to be heard. For so long many souls are functioning on survival mode and imbalanced energy. Focusing on your wellbeing, healing and spiritual connection is vital in order to lead a healthy, happy and aligned life. So if you want to Transform, Feel Heard, Supported and Guided then you are in the right space. 

A virtual space and circle for women only. A space where I guide you through different types of meditation and deliver Energy healing.

A safe space to help you improve your wellbeing, manage your stress and tap into your own healing powers to lead a much healthier, happier and balanced life.

"I love the membership, from live healing sessions to recorded meditations. With Chintal's guidance I feel supported and understood. Chintal is caring and always open with her work. She is responsive to questions asked and is approachable with a calming nature. I would highly recommend the membership without hesitation."  SN ( member)


This membership is for you if you are:

  • An empath and really struggle with energies of others especially collective energy ( This is a BIGGIE)

  • Seeking support on their journey- no matter where you are on your journey

  • Seeking a safe and sacred space where cultural diversification is respected

  • Wanting to RISE together with other like minded women

  • Those wanting to step into taking control of their wellbeing and healing and want guidance

  • Wanting to step into the journey of healing and wellbeing but not fully ready to invest in 121 

  • A Soul led entrepreneur who would benefit from a monthly clearing and healing to support you in your business journey

  • A Professional, in business, mums entrepreneur, carer..

  • A Soul who says yes to everyone else apart from yourself

  • Looking to connect more with your own self and discover YOU


As a Holistic and Intuitive Energy Healer, practitioner, Therapist and Spiritual mentor, allow me to be your guide on how to:

  • Shift from negative to positive thinking

  • Remove energetic blocks

  • Connect with your Soul and true self

  • Ease from chronic stress

  • Feel your emotions and heal, build emotional resilience

  • Improve your mood

  • Improve relationship with yourself and others around you

  • Step into your true inner power

  • Connect with the magic that is within you

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Focus on all areas of your wellbeing in a holistic way

  • Feel lighter

  • Balancing your chakras to allow life force energy to flow through and in return bring your body, mind and soul into harmony

  • Meditate

When we do the INNER work not only do we see a shift within ourselves but also those around us. Through inner work you create space for what you truly desire.


What is included in this membership:

  • 1 x Monthly Live group healing session- includes auric field clearing, chakra activation and energy healing

  • 1 x Monthly pre recorded lunar New moon ceremony- every month set soul led intentions for the coming month,  and get accountability. Tapping into the feminine energy of the moon.

  • Monthly Live Q&A session- available in replay

  • Once every quarter Guest expert session - A guest expert session where all topics will be related Healing, Wellbeing and Spirituality (TBC)

  • Access to a library of meditations, mantras, breathwork to support you on your journey

  • Access to recorded live sessions 

This is a no Faff membership! 

The structure has been kept simple as life is already complicated. Get ready to connect with yourself and tap into your true power. Together we will Awaken, Heal and Rise. There is no Spiritual Bypassing here






Pay monthly- £33 rolling subscription

Pay 6 months - £ 180.00 ( only £30 a month ) rolling subscription

Pay 12 months - £333 ( £27.75 a month) rolling subscription


**Please note your membership access will commence from 1st of the month**- for example if you sign up on 19th Sept, it will commence from 1st October and so on.

Image by Conscious Design
Image by Sarah Brown
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