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Soul Alchemy Portal

A mastermind portal to support you in your journey of healing, expansion and growth in your business

What is Soul Alchemy?

Soul Alchemy is a mastermind portal to support you in your journey of healing, expansion and growth in your business without halting your momentum so that you can continue creating a positive impact in the world and your life. 


  • So often being a healer, spiritualist, coach, change maker means you may face a lonely journey as not everyone understands you. 


  • You have the knowledge, strategy and tools to serve clients and run a business yet still struggle to take that next step, you're holding yourself back and it's stopping you from embracing and stepping into your purpose with authenticity


  • You want to be heard, seen and acknowledged for your divine gifts but feel unsupported at times for example people may not understand you and how you want to show up in your business.


  • You know you are here for a greater purpose but struggle to step into it fully as fears, doubt, overwhelm may take over and stop you from showing up or taking inspired, aligned action.

I see you, I hear you and I feel you and I have the key to what is missing for you to tap into your highest potential…… “ HEALING”

The time is now to fully embrace your gifts, magic and purpose with authenticity and this portal is exactly what you require.


Using my intuitive, psychic guidance, abilities alongside transformational energy healing and spiritual life coaching , allow me to guide you on your journey and create transformations in your business

Who is it for ?

Soul driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are passionate about serving humanity and making positive changes in the world. But you have gone into comparison, self doubt, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or into fear and at times hiding to heal or not even show up. This either leads you into panic,stress and hustle mode or freeze mode where you stop taking inspired aligned action. It's time to rise into your authentic self, show up with integrity, confidence and power rooted in love. Just imagine the incredible feeling of feeling grounded despite the chaos around you and making decisions from love, inspiration, creativity rather than fear, lack and scarcity.

Why Mastermind with me ?

Because I have the ability to energetically and intuitively connect with what is blocking you or affecting you , release , realign and reprogramme you deep within the subconscious so you can make a quantum leap in your business.


At times certain challenges such as health issues, life events, beliefs, patterns can cause overwhelm, fear stress which could lead to self doubt, question your worth, procrastinate or hold you back from achieving your true desires in business.


You may even notice your vibrational energy drops and you slowly go into hiding when really you want to feel empowered to overcome any resistance or block and move forward with courage, faith and belief.


With my support you will gain awareness and clarity in your existing situation and what is holding you back in your business, come into alignment and take the right decision to overcome whatever is holding you back in that instance which means energetically you will feel lighter, aligned and be able to move  forward in an aligned way that feels good for you and  with confidence so you can attract more of what you truly desire. 


You may be facing fear, anxiety or overwhelm when it comes to being visible, self expression, making decisions or trusting your own inner guidance. This causes you to keep searching externally for an answer, perhaps even ask several people for their opinions which adds to your confusion.


In turn you may end up making a decision that isn’t aligned with your true self and you may regret it which in turn creates more negative thought patterns.


You find yourself in this loop which could lead to even more anxiety and feel like you are not worthy enough or good enough. This leads to comparison with other business owners who are “making it look easy “ and stopping you from serving your clients and making a bigger impact in the world with your work.


Alternatively you may experience moments of brain fog, lack of motivation or  feeling stuck,  this causes you to then step back and potentially miss out on opportunities that would be coming your way which is aligned, or you say Yes to things that you want to say No but struggle to express yourself.


You can have all the affirmations, strategies , templates to progress in your business life but if you have deep rooted programmes, beliefs and energetic blocks none of the above would work. 


Have you been told 'what to do' but you're still not doing it? That means you're stuck and something is holding you back. 

                                       "You don't need more strategy, you need to heal and be heard"


That's where I come in because energetically I can get to your energetic block, help you heal release and support you in moving  forward in an aligned way that feels good for you  with confidence and ease  so you can attract more of what you truly desire , keep the flow of business and show up as your authentic self.

This is exactly the support I would have loved when on that journey. 

Values of this Mastermind:

Understanding and identifying obstacles that hinder your progress, whether they stem from beliefs, energy blocks, or past traumas.

Rejuvenate and Harmonize: Restore and energetically synchronize with your true essence, which involves re-aligning your chakras and soul healing. This facilitates a smoother flow of energy, making you feel revitalized and nurtured.

Embrace and Elevate: Tune into the vibrational frequency of your genuine aspirations to maintain a continuous momentum. By tapping into your intuition for direction, you can diminish the need for external validation.

This fosters a strong connection to your self-worth and confidence, even in the face of challenges so you can feel empowered, connected and start taking aligned action in your business, start reaching your business goals/desires and make an impact with your work

What's Included and Sacred Investment

Welcome to our 4 month container including:

  • 2 mastermind  group calls a month

  • 2 x 60 min 121 session over the 4 months

  • Sacred  community portal for peer support

  • Access to toolkit  to support you on your journey 

  • Guest expert sessions to support you on your journey- TBC 


 Investment : £2,222 

( As this is a new offering this pricing will not be offered again, the value of this mastermind is over £3333) 

Payment plans available and commence from only £388.00 a month*

Please note this is a sacred container for only 5 souls who are ready to commit and be devoted to your own expansion and growth.

Sessions will commence in July 2024, either a Tuesday or Wednesday 10.00/11.00 am.

If this container is attracting your soul and you are being called to step in please respond I'm in and I'll guide you through the next steps.


Lots of love, abundance and blessings 

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