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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The word Chakra derives from Sanskrit meaning "wheel" or "circle of life". In total there are114 chakras , 112 within our body and 2 external. The 7 main Chakras are located on the spinal column of a body.

We have 72000 Nadis, Nadis are the energy channels or pathways through which life force moves through our body. The chakras are the purification and distribution centres. Both Chakras and Nadi's work collectively to ensure there is a flow.

The chakras influence different nerve systems, organs and glands with their energy.

Each chakra spins in circular motion creating a vortex. It is these vortices that filters the energy of the environment around us and disperses it throughout our body. The chakras are constantly interacting with each other and energy is constantly moving through these , however, the strength of energy can lessen if an area of our life is out of balance.

Blockages or lessened energy in our chakras can result in physical, emotional, psychological


Balancing our chakras aim to remove any blocks or imbalances from our natural flow of


7 Main Chakras:

Crown Chakra

Third eye

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra

Solar plexus

Sacral Chakra

Root Chakra

Each chakra corresponds to major organs, nerves and areas of our energetic bodies that affect our physical and emotional wellbeing

Some Benefits of balanced chakras:

  • Improved overall Mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased sense of self worth, self confidence, self esteem

  • Positive shift in mindset, transforms from negative to positive

  • Connection with intuition and universe

  • Reduction in aches/pains

  • Enable immune system to be at it's optimum

  • Release negative energy

  • Increase in confidence

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improved energy

  • Connection to your inner self

In my Energy Healing service, I assess your chakras and energy fields and combine it with Reiki healing for a total healing experience.

If you are ready to step into your Journey of Healing and feel energised, confident and in flow, click below.

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