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"You can have many relationships, but the only ETERNAL relationship you have is with yourself. Work on your inner world and optimise vitality & wellbeing through energy healing combining science and spirituality to reclaim your power, peace and joy. Align your mind, body & soul to lead a purposeful life"

Chintal Kakaya- Holistic & Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach

Do you feel angry, exhausted, overwhelmed, lack of energy, fearful and struggle with balance in your life?

Do you struggle to find “me time”, experience brain fog, find yourself over thinking, underproductive and being unable to make independent decisions?

Do you find yourself saying “Yes” to everything whilst being engaged in an already busy lifestyle?

Do you find that stress is having a negative effect on your Mind, Emotions and Physical health?

Do you find that you are trying your best but feel as though you have underachieved, feeling a lack of self-fulfilment?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of negative emotions and though patterns?


If you answered “YES” to the above, I want you to know you are not alone. I have been there so I  understand. I'm here to help YOU.

Imagine how happy you would feel breaking free from the emotions holding you back?

Imagine feeling confident, empowered and in control of your overall wellbeing

How does the sound of giving yourself just 15 mins every day to programme your mind for a productive, calm day without feeling overwhelmed sound?

How would waking up daily feeling energised, motivated and happy make you feel?


With my guidance, we can navigate through your stress and help with control of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing, establishing a better and balanced lifestyle.

In the rat race of life, we sometimes forget about ourselves. Having broken the cycle and finding time to reflect upon “ME” has certainly balanced my life. I now have a purpose, a meaning, calmness, positivity, structure, and I feel energized. You too can learn to prioritize your time to bring simple yet powerful practices and routine into your lifestyle. These changes will have an uplifting effect on your life, bringing well deserved balance and wellness so you too can flourish.


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I’m Chintal and I empower and support Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed souls to HEAL- releasing energy blocks, trauma ( Childhood, ancestral, generational….) and limiting beliefs ro reclaim your inner power, peace, freedom and joy so that you can lead a healthy, happy and purpose aligned life. 


As a heart lead Intuitive and Holistic Healer, Spiritual life coach and therapist I hold a safe and non judgemental space for you where I combine transformational healing, coaching and therapy into my sessions. We get to root cause of your situation and tap into the deep emotions that are residing within you to then release.

Client Testimonials

"Healing with Chintal has made me shift my energy from being stuck to operating from a place of awareness. She has awakened my healing mechanism from within and equipped me with powerful meditation techniques and simple strategies to incorporate wellness into my lifestyle"

Kala G

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121 Coaching

There are times where you will feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, numb, lost and unsure. Although you are trying your best, there is an overcasting shadow making you feel hopeless. This repetitive cycle pushes you into negative thoughts, you want to make a positive change but unsure of how. The longer you leave it the more exhausted you feel and you are no longer a reflection of whom you truly want to be.


As your coach, I will work with you to break this cycle and empower you to build a happier, healthier, resilient life, reducing stress, anxiety and negativity. I will guide you through the journey of self-discovery and will help you make positive changes encouraging a positive mindset and a new uplifting way of life.

By using a Holistic approach of mentoring, coaching and healing we will focus on shifting your mindset and develop a coping mechanism to cultivate calm and take control of your health and well-being.


Book your no obligation 20 Min Breakthrough and consultation call.

Energy Healing- holistic healing for mind, body and soul

My Signature “Healing Package” which consists of Reiki healing, chakra balancing and meditation creates a balance which promotes body’s own natural healing process.

Highly recommended if you want to feel calm, release aches and pains related to stress , feel more balanced, HEAL from Stress and open your heart.


You will gain awareness on which Chakras are imbalanced or blocked, receive energy healing, balance your chakras and connect with yourself through guided meditation. Through this healing you will also understand how your emotions are linked to chakras.

Connect with your emotions, release stagnant energy from your body and experience deep relaxation.


Book your no obligation 20 min breakthrough and consultation call.

Energy Healing Services Meditation and m

Managing our own physical, spiritual, emotional and cognitive well being should be our top priority, when we serve ourselves first , we can show up and serve others better.


My work is based on the 5 pillars of Health and Wellbeing


In 2018 when I felt fed up with consistent ill health: stress, anxiety, depression and a few significant situations, I was searching for support that would help me to get back on track and be able to take control of my whole health and wellbeing. I reached out for counselling support on the NHS and was on an exceedingly long waiting list. I knew I could not waste the time in between, either I wait or act and find ways to help myself.


My advantage was my background as an Occupational Therapist, I started implementing some of the principles, reached out for support privately and invested in private holistic services and coaching to facilitate my journey whilst waiting for my counselling and CBT. By the time it was my turn to start counselling and CBT on the NHS, I only had a few sessions. By implementing the tools, practices and interventions I had, I’d made positive changes and demonstrated awareness and management of stress /anxiety, one of the biggest key was mindset and journey within.


What I offer now through my holistic services is a combination of my personal journey and professional skills I have gained over the past years. My health is much more improved, I have built resilience to stress, prioritise my wellness and feel happy, healthy and joyful.

Are you ready to take a positive action towards your Health and wellbeing?

Imagine how happier you would feel if you moved past what is currently holding you back

Do you want to feel liberated and free?

Do you want to make a positive change within yourself?

Do you want to connect with your inner self for the answers you seek?

Colorful Crystal

 Book your FREE 20 min call with me to start your journey.

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